BREAKING: AFP to add muscle to anti-Common Core efforts

Up until now, the citizens and legislators trying to repeal, delay or alter the Common Core juggernaut have been a rag-tag group of individuals.

Even in the face of the millions of dollars from Bill Frist and Bill Gates to shove Common Core down Tennessee taxpayers’ throats, the stop Common Core activists have had some success, not the least of which was a one-year delay in Common Core testing.

But now the game is really about to heat up.  RTP has learned that Americans for Prosperity (AFP) will launch a major radio campaign to, among other things, help stop Common core.  Our loyal Rocky Top Tip line participants ( have sent us the script of the first AFP ad, which will run as soon as tomorrow.

Here is the script:

Hi this is Andy Ogles, Tennessee Director of Americans for Prosperity.  AFP is committed to stopping Common Core.

This year AFP passed the Stop Obamacare Act; delayed implementation of Common Core and stopped a bus lane boondoggle in Nashville that would have cost taxpayers over $175 million dollars!

But we still have work to do — like insuring that Tennessee ends the Hall INCOME TAX and is committed to stopping the leftist education agenda that is Common Core.

To join AFP and our efforts for limited government, lower taxes and more freedom, go to  That’s

Paid for by Americans for Prosperity


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