A little “Home-cooking” at the GOP picnic?

According to Tom Ingram, the Democratic campaign consultant who is also running Lamar Alexander’s campaign, Lamar! has his primary victory in the bag.picnic

But you wouldn’t know that if you witnessed the controversy at this weekend’s Davidson County Republican Picnic.  A big part of the picnic is a straw poll for various elective offices.  Everything was going smoothly until Joe Carr showed up.  After a pretty good speech by Carr (Lamar! did not attend the event), they conducted the poll.   Not long after the ballots were collected a couple of Alexander supporters (one wearing an Alexander t-shirt) started counting the votes.  Apparently they did not like what they saw, because they muttered something about ballot box stuffing and then declared the results would not be counted.

Does anyone believe that if Lamar was out-polling Carr, they would not have announced the results?  Does anyone believe Carr did not win the straw poll?  If you are among the “deniers” then you probably believe Lois Lehrner”s computer really did eat her IRS emails and that the TCAP scores were not manipulated and rigged to avoid embarrassing Gov. Haslam and Kevin “IVFO” Huffman.

If you are that naive, you also probably believe Tom Ingram is a Republican.

[Editor’s note: One of the lead writers for Rocky Top Politics was at the picnic, and actually got to shake Beth Harwell’s hand.  Bet she replays the whole day in her mind to try to figure out who it was.  Good luck with that.]


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