Ingram “drags” in a new client

rockyIt’s official.  Tom Ingram has finally come out of the closet.

For all those who have long suspected Ingram’s, ahem, “proclivities,” all the signs were there:  his discomfort dealing with conservatives, his preference for the halls of Washington instead of Halls, TN.  His tastes run towards brie, not Velveeta.  And then there’s his life long infatuation with John Seigenthaler.

Yep.  Tom has finally come out.  He’s a Democrat.

Late yesterday, in the classic move of trying to bury a story by dropping it on a Friday and hoping no one notices, Ingram announced he was going to run the Nashville mayoral campaign for Democrat Charles Bone.  And Bone is not just any Democrat.  He is one of the single largest contributors to the Democratic Party in the state.  In federal races alone, Bone and his family have contributed over $250,000 exclusively to Democrats over the last few years.

Having Ingram run Bone’s campaign is like having David Axelrod coming to Tennessee to manage Rick Womick’s re-election.  But that would probably never happened — Axelrod is not a prostitute.

RTP observed months ago that Ingram had hired long-time Democrat staffer, Beecher Frasier, which raised eyebrows since the Ingram group is primarily a lobbying outfit and the legislature has Republican super-majorities.  Now we know.  It wasn’t to lobby, it was to open a new department of the Ingram group:  campaign consulting for Democrats.  Of course this is the same Tom Ingram who opened a DC lobbying firm by partnering with Joe Biden’s former chief of staff.biden

Ingram’s sleeping around is bound to affect his other clients like Bill Haslam and Lamar!  Wonder if anyone in the media has even thought about asking them how they feel about Ingram’s “swinging for the other team.”  Nah.  That would mean they would have do their job.



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