Is the cavalry coming to help Joe Carr?

cavalry_charge_1905Hard to say — but we do smell horses.

Just a couple of days ago the RTP posted its post-Cantor analysis of the Alexander-Carr race for the U.S. Senate.  Joe Carr apparently did not get our memo.  In the 72 hours since House Majority Leader Eric Cantor went down in humiliating defeat, the Carr campaign started showing signs of life.  Carr has appeared on the national Sean Hannity program and got a big write up in Breitbart.  He was also featured on the Laura Ingraham radio show.  That last one could be important, for it was Laura Ingraham who lifted Dave Brat from obscurity to a giant killer by offering him a platform that raised his credibility.

Raising credibility for a candidate who hasn’t raised very much money is important and absolutely critical for Joe Carr.  RTP stands by its assertion that without large sums of outside money, Carr is toast.  But the key to getting such groups to unlock their purses and move money into the state is for a candidate to raise his national profile — and Carr seems to be making a good attempt to pick the lock.

We are beginning to see dust on the horizon.  Stay tuned.


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