The drumbeat continues

Yet another Knoxville newspaper has dumped on Kevin “I voted for Obama” Huffman.

In today’s edition of Metro Pulse, Frank Cagle (not to be confused with the Pearson prostitute lobbyist, Chuck Cagle) railed on Gov. Haslam for continuing to back Huffman and called on him to be fired:

Who still supports Education Commissioner Huffman?

Last year, 60-odd superintendents signed a letter asking that he be replaced.

Legislators don’t appear to be big fans, the House rejected his signature issue by more than 80 bipartisan votes. Only a last-minute scrambling compromise allowed Common Core a reprieve and a delay of only one year.

Teachers are frustrated by the speed of Common Core implementation and an unfair evaluation system.

Then Huffman’s department presided over the delay in delivering TCAP scores so the all-important tests couldn’t be used for student grading. This after the students crammed and prepped for the test for most of the year. Parents have a right to be outraged.

The credibility of the department is so low that critics are suspicious about the scores. House Democrats have put in a request for internal e-mails concerning the delay and Republicans have asked the comptroller’s office to investigate.

Read the whole thing here.




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