Is Bill Haslam a Limousine Liberal?

"Say, James, how's about we swing by the Food Bank on our way to dinner at the club?" "Great idea, Governor."

“Say, James, how’s about we swing by the Food Bank on our way to dinner at the club?”
“Great idea, Governor.”

The gang at RTP really would prefer to like Bill Haslam. He presents himself as a nice guy with a nice smile. It would be so much easier if we could accept him as a fellow conservative whose intentions are entirely honorable.

And then he goes and does something stupid.

And this time, it is something so monumentally, politically stupid that it defies reason.

In a speech delivered on Tuesday to a Republican group, Haslam endorsed and elevated one of the key tactics being used by the Democratic National Committee and the Obama White House to attack Republicans in this fall’s elections.

“Income inequality” has been systematically used by the Dems at every level to incite resentment and class warfare in a blatantly obvious attempt to motivate their base and to try to make voters forget about Obamacare, Benghazi, the IRS scandal, etc. It is cynical, purely political and the MSM have gone right along with it. For the most part, Republicans leaders have not gone for the bait. They know it is pure demagoguery straight from Alinsky’s rule book.

Then along comes Bill.

“Haslam said at the Davidson County Republican Party’s First Tuesday luncheon in downtown Nashville that Republicans should not deny evidence that wealth is being spread unevenly or write off such concerns as Democratic propaganda.

“The governor’s family fortune is estimated to exceed $1 billion.”

Digging his political hole even deeper, Haslam went on to say that “income inequality” is not Democratic propaganda – even though the overwhelming evidence is that propaganda is precisely what it is.

This has to be one of the most spectacularly idiotic political blunders we have ever seen in our collective campaign experiences. Aside from the disturbing socialist overtones of Haslam’s remark is the political tone deafness demonstrated by a governor who, instead of growing in the job, seems to get worse at it as time goes on. Surely, this was simply a gubernatorial brain-fart and not a conscious act. There is no way Ingram signed off on this.

This is what happens when a limousine liberal (or conservative for that matter) with more money than brains ventures outside long enough to offer a grand pronouncement on an issue he has never experienced in his personal life. To the governor, “income inequality” means complaining that his siblings’ trust funds are bigger than his. (“Not fair,” cried Bill. “Jimmy’s long-term annuities and debentures are out-performing mine. Someone caused this!  It’s the fault of the system!  We have to take corrective action!  Wait, I’ve got the solution: let’s spend more taxpayer dollars on expensive, inaccurate testing of school children.  That’ll fix it!”).

But don’t just take RTP’s word for it. It was with unrestrained glee that the opposition seized on the blunder to turn it to their advantage:. In the same Tennessean article:

“I commend the governor for admitting the problem of income inequality has gotten worse.”

Roy Herron
TN Democratic Party Chairman

We can now expect Haslam’s quote to be replicated and spread through every left-wing outlet across the country.

Like we said: monumentally stupid.

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