What happens in Vegas, should stay in Vegas.

RTP has learned the Commissar of Education Kevin “IVFO” Huffman is set to fly off to Lss Vegas next week to receive some kind of award from the Teach for America cronies (the same people to whom he delivered taxpayer-funded sweetheart, no-bid contracts worth millions) or maybe it’s some other education outfit with their hands in the Tennessee taxpayer till.vegas

One can only imagine why they are honoring him.  Could it be he is the winner of the coveted “Screwing Up TCAP Testing” award?  Maybe he won First Place in the “Most Arrogant State Education Commissioner” contest.  Of course, they could be honoring him for his demonstrated ability to tick off just about everyone he comes into contact with.

One thing is for sure:  He ain’t getting the “Mr. Congeniality” trophy.

Yes, what happens in Vegas, should stay in Vegas.

And so should Huffman.

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