TCAP Scores “Horrendous.”


RTP sources have notified us that multiple school superintendents and other school officials who have now had a chance to review the TCAP scores that the state DOE inexplicably withheld are stunned by what one school official called “horrendous” test scores.

If this is the case, it would go a long way in explaining why the DOE is so intent on trying to get this issue to go away.  Lousy test scores would not only discredit Kevin “IVFO” Huffman’s education “reform” agenda, but would cause considerable embarassment to elected officials, especially Gov. Haslam.

There is now a growing suspicion that when Huffman saw the scores, he made the decision to withhold them until AFTER the conference he and the governor were hosting for 400 education writers from around the country.  Haslam and Huffman have been relentless in trying to draw attention fo their education policies with a “Hey, look at what Tennessee is doing” meme.  The TCAP scandal threatens to draw attention to their claims in a most unflattering way.

But increasingly, DOE and Huffman are faced with suspicions of a “coverup.”  Already there are calls for investigations and audits which lead us to a comple of conclusions:

1.  This ain’t going away.

2.  No one believes the DOE

3.  Common Core — especially testing — will be back on the legislative agenda next session.

The defeaning silence from Common Core’s proponents speaks volumes about how they see the situation.  Gov. Haslam’s comments consist almost entirelyof his statement last week that  “it is more important to be accurate than rushed.”  He delivered that profound observation just hours before DOE embarrassed him by rushing out the test scores.  Much of legislative leadership have seemed to have disappeared and word is SCORE’s Jamie Woodson is hiding at a “secure, undisclosed location.”

There are so many chickens coming home, we are going to need a bigger roost.

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