ANOTHER Testing Scandal at DOE?

train wreckSources are telling RTP that hot on the heels of the TCAP train wreck may be yet another testing screw-up administered by the state Dept. of Education.  If that is the case, RTP will bring you the news as soon as we can confirm.

In the meantime, the fall-out from last week’s TCAP meltdown continues to reverberate around the state, with some local school systems facing six-figure bills for cleaning up DOE’s mismanagement of the TCAP scores.  Add to that the requests for AG opinions on the legality of the DOE’s actions as well as the prevailing suspicion among superintedents and others that DOE “cooked the numbers” on the TCAP scores and/or timed the release of the scores to avoid  embarrassing the Haslam administration during last week’s Nashville conference with national education writers.

Today’s posts include a news article, a major newspaper editorial and a coherent blog analysis from someone called “Dad Gone Wild.”



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