The Drumbeat Begins…

Chattanooga Times Free Press columnist calls for Huffman’s resignation.

RTP was the first to call for Huffman to lose his job over the missing TCAP scores, but it was Times Free Press columnist David Cook who succinctly voiced what teachers, students, parents and legislators are feeling these days.  You should read the whole thing, but in the interim here are a few excerpts:

Kevin Huffman should resign over missing TCAP scores

by David Cook

May 23, 2014

And now — after having months to prepare — our state can’t finalize test scores in time? Our state can’t ship test results back to schools before report cards go home for summer break?

It is a bureaucratic collapse, an embarrassment to the look-at-our-Tennessee-miracle narrative that school officials keep trying to tell the rest of America.

It strips the Department of Education of its legitimacy, of whatever moral authority it once possessed.

Huffman is responsible for the TCAP collapse in the same way that Sebelius — the former Health and Human Services secretary — was for the layered, online mess of the Affordable Care Act.

When will Pearson, the global corporation responsible for the creation of TCAP, issue its refund?

“Post-equating allows the department, our psychometric staff and our TAC [Technical Advisory Committee], to review the data more thoroughly before finalizing quick scores and given the number of changes made this year, we want to do this before releasing scores,” emailed one education official.

Make sense? Of course not. Wade through the psychometric hogwash and you’ll see this: They want more time before releasing scores.

You don’t do that when things go smoothly. You don’t do that if scores are peachy.

I think this year’s TCAP had multiple mistakes on it, and as state officials gasp in growing horror at low TCAP scores, they’re backpedaling, waiver-giving and post-equating their way into a bureaucratic nightmare.

Tell me I’m wrong. In fact, prove it.

Release a copy of the TCAP to the public.

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