Just because he voted for Obama, doesn’t mean he gets to govern like Obama

TCAP Disaster Update:

Kevin Huffman — Scoff-Law?

Legislators and others are now raising questions as to whether education commissioner Kevin “I Voted for Obama” Huffman has the legal authority to grant waivers to schools who were denied access to TCAP scores in time to issue report cards for grades 3-8 this week.

Huffman, who just played host to Obama’s secretary of education, appears to be so enamored with the President’s governing style, that he may be employing a tried and true Obama tactic:  Ignore the laws that are inconvenient or that you don’t like.

May work in that cesspool they call DC, Kevin, but not here.

Huffman’s department recommended individual school districts ask for waivers on using the TCAP scores — scores that DOE was required to provide the districts under state statute — and if they would, the waivers would be automatically granted. RTP sources tell us legislative staff are presently scouring the law, looking for where/if it gives Huffman the authority to do what he did.  Plus, there is the whole problem of “cooking the numbers.”  If Kev and Erin or anyone else at DOE  destroy, alter, delete or otherwise screw with the original data, they could be subject to the following statute:

TCA 49-1-607

“Anyone found … compromising the integrity of the testing process shall be placed on immediate suspension, and such actions will be grounds for dismissal, including dismissal of tenured employees.  Such actions shall be grounds for revocation of State license.”

Huffman and his minion, Erin “Rollerball” O’Hara, may have violated a state law that requires them to be at least suspended for their action.  Anyone asked for an AG opinion yet?  Why not?

Note to the News Media:  It is not a “glitch.”

Huffman’s DOE has not claimed a mechanical, clerical or equipment “glitch” of any kind.  Instead, it appears they made a cold, calculated decision meant to hide the TCAP scores until they had  time to alter, massage and obfuscate the original results.

It’s not a glitch — it was a conscious decision


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