BREAKING NEWS: Huffman folds. But will he resign?

Within the last hour, DOE bureaucrat Erin O’Hara sent out a release announcing that the department has backtracked (somewhat) and agreed to release the test scores sometime today.  But O’Hara’s announcement doesn’t address the central problems with DOE’s and Huffman’s conduct and raises several more questions in the process.

From the DOE:

“We are releasing quick scores this afternoon, after hearing back from external experts who signed off on the accuaracy and validity of the results.”

Oh, well, that answers everything.  We feel so much better now.

Which “experts” are you referring too, Erin?  Pearson?  Aren’t they the same ones who are trying to sell the state new, expensive Common Core textbooks?  Won’t they be bidding on the new testing RFP, worth millions on top of their $150 million TCAP contract?  Give us a break.

“We are relieved that the post-equating process, led and verified by outside experts, showed that the tests are fair, accurate…”  yada, yada, yada.

Nice try, guys.  By “relieved” you are obviously trying to transfer blame and responsibility onto someone else.  Got a news flash for you, Erin:  YOU and your boss Kevin are the ones responsible.  There are not enough “outside experts” in the world to take this monkey off your backs.

It ain’t the crime, sweetheart.  It’s the cover-up.

And once again, Kevin “I Voted for Obama” Huffman thinks he can govern like Obama.  Releasing test scores late Friday before a holiday weekend?  Who does he think he’s fooling?  Every time the Obama administration has bad news to deliver, that is the day and time they try to deliver it.

Well too damn bad. Kevin.  This issue is far from going away.  There are still major questions to be asked and answered about whether the numbers were “massaged” (Erin’s little email did not address that, did it?).  And why schools were not told about this before it happened, even though your department apparently had known it was going to happen for days, weeks, maybe months.  And then there is the whole issue of who is going to pay for your little “mistake.”  Are you going to reimburse the schools who, if they want to incorporate the TCAP scores into the final report cards, are going to have to pay through the nose to do so?  Williamson County alone estimates it would take $100,000 or more to call teachers back to accomplish the task.

Are you going to write a personal check to cover their costs, Kev?  Maybe Jamie Woodson — AKA Bill Frist- – will stroke a big honking check for the moeny your little mistake has already cost the taxpayers.

Have a nice weekend, Kev.  It starts all over again come Tuesday.

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