Two reasons why Johnny’s not getting a report card this week


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Huffman Chin-deep In Testing Disaster

Bredesen holdover at center of  debacle.

Less than 24 hours after yesterday’s RTP post about Kevin “I Voted For Obama” Huffman comes the breaking news this morning that TCAP scores would not be ready for students in grades 3-8. Nevermind those scores were to make up 15-20% of a student’s final grade. Nevermind these scores are needed to complete each child’s report card for the year (which in some cases will decide whether or not they advance to the next grade). Nevermind that getting these scores to the school is something the DOE has done for years and is required by law. There will be no report cards that include TCAP scores any time soon, perhaps never.

So what changed about the TCAP test from last year to this year? Answer: Not a damn thing. So why the disaster? Why the delay?

Incompetence, Cover-up, or both?

1. The easy answer would be to pass everything off on a liberal, Democrat holderover from the Bredesen administration just screwing things up. If the Governor and Huffman start feeling increased heat on the issue, that may yet happen. That means a “fall guy” will be necessary.

Meet Erin O’Hara Block:

Ms. O’Hara-Block is a graduate of the University of Virginia where she majored in African American Studies. She received a masters in public policy from Vanderbilt. She appears to be about 37 years old. On her LinkedIn page she brags about directing 30 staffers and spending $50 million in Tennessee tax dollars to implement the new state accountability system (testing).  she also bragged about being in charge of “directing accountability” for the “transition to PARCC”  [Note to Erin:  You need to update your LinkedIn page.  The General Assembly stopped you from “implementing” anything for a year and it has not yet been determined if PARCC will even be the new testing vendor — or have you and Kevin already decided that Pearson will win the RFP??]

But here is the most important thing to remember about Ms. O’Hara-Block: she never spent one day as a teacher in the classroom. Instead she took her nose-bleed education and $50 million of our tax dollars and in one fell swoop made the lives of over a million Tennessee teachers, administrators, students and parents absolutely miserable. That leads to the inevitable question:

Why does Erin O’Hara block still have her job?

And why hasn’t her boss, Kevin “IVFO” Huffman been forced to resign?

2. But the more sinister reason why this may be happening is what has set tongues to wagging across the state. This afternoon, RTP sources spoke to numerous superintendents, teachers and legislators, and every single person we talked to voiced concern that the reason these test scores have not been release is that the results were so bad.

Keep in mind  it was only a couple of weeks ago that Huffman, in trying to explain why that NAEP scores for Tennessee high schoolers were so low, said that it was because high school students “had not been exposed to Common Core” curriculums as had been the 3-8 graders. So if the 3-8 TCAP scores tanked, then that would blow a hole the size of Chuck Cagle in Huffman’s argument. Many suspect  the DOE is buying time to either “cook the numbers” or to delay them until a more opportune time to deliver the bad news (like, say 2:00am on July 4th).

The other part of this suspicion is that Huffman & Co. will pass off the bad scores as a further excuse to institute the PARCC (Pearson) testing that the legislature delayed for at least a year. The rationale they would present was that the students were being taught to Common Core standards but were being tested by the “inferior” old TCAPs.

That line of reasoning, of course, would be complete and total crap. And it would conveniently set up a situation where the only way to prove they are right is to use PARCC to test next time and “then, by golly, you’ll see those test scores go way up!” Of course, by that time they would have run through tens of millions more of our tax dollars while cementing the controversial Common Core into place.

Yep. They really think we are that stupid.

So just where was Kevin “IVFO” Huffman while the gang back at education HQs was busy screwing up the lives of educators and families across the entire state?  Huffman was schmoozing with Obama’s secretary of education, Arne Duncan. Did Kevin ask Arne to send his regards to his favorite president?  Did he praise him about how well Obama is handling the VA scandal?  Did they share a laugh about the fools in Tennessee who continue to give them money to sell their snake oil edcuation schemes?  Have another drink, Arne, ol’ buddy.  Erin is holding down the fort back at the office.

RTP understands there are some job openings coming up at the VA in Washington.

These  idiots would be perfect for the job.

Hey, gang.  What time is it?

Is a modicum of competence too much to ask? Especially since these are the same damn people who are asking us to trust them to implement Common Core?  Huffman pissed and moaned about delaying Common Core testing for a year. Considering he couldn’t even deliver test results for which his department had been responsible for years, it only stands to reason it will take these morons longer than that to implement an entirely new testing system. A one year delay is not nearly enough time for people as incompetent as this.  And does anyone believe the RFP for vendors for the Common Core test will go smoothly – or fairly?

So what time is it?

Time for an Audit.

Time for some Resignations.

And it is past time that legislators demand Bill Haslam answer some very hard questions about his liberal, Democrat, Obama-voting commissioner of education and his team of liberal Democrat education bureaucrats.




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