Why does this Butthead still have a job?

kevin-and-obama-edit-2Okay, the above photo is a little confusing.  Neither of these buttheads need to keep their jobs, but in this instance we are referring to the guy in the black tux.

In an astonishing display of chutzpah, Kevin “I voted for Obama” Huffman had the unmitigated gall to say Tennessee taxpayers need to cough up more money to pay for his expensive education “reforms.”  This after he blew through $500 million in Race to The Top Funds to give his cronies jobs (yeah, Chris Barbic, we’re talking about you) and his business partners no-bid contracts!

Millions for his cronies.  Not a dime for teachers.

We say “chutzpah” and “gall” because Huffman was one of the leaders in the decision to deny teachers even a measley cost-of-living raise this year.  For you see, in Kevin World, teachers don’t need more money.  According to Huffman, they just need to “work harder.”  What an ass.

The real goal is to make as much money for him and his friends as possible before the rubes catch on.

Long past time for an Audit.

According to the Chattanooga Times Free Press, of the $500 million in RTTP funds that were spent ostensibly on our students,  about $250 million went to one-time state expenditures .  That means upwards of $250 million went to individuals school districts to, among other things, establish on-going programs that now need an influx of taxpayer cash.  So far, the Haslam administration and his Dept. of Education have resisted an independent, detailed audit of just where the money was spent.  What would such an audit find?  Well, we already know of the $12 million in no-bid contracts to Huffman’s former employer, Teach for America (TFA).  Then there were the “field trips” to communist schools in China to teach Tennessee educators how to teach the “China way.”  How about we start there?

And where is our feckles governor?  He repeated Huffman’s call for more, more, more spending.  And this in the midst of a serious revenue shortfall — the same shortfall they used as an excuse for not giving teachers a small raise.

This issue is just heating up.  RTP will not rest until Huffman is fired.  We just hope that time comes before all the money is gone.




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