Thanks for playing. Better luck next time…

thanksKnoxville’s MetroPulse has submitted their entry in the Paranoia Sweepstakes by declaring they have figured out who is behind Rocky Top Politics.

Employing the “Harry Reid Political Compulsion Theorem,” MetroPulse has decided that the culprits behind Rocky Top are none other than – wait for it — the Koch Brothers!

MetroPulse opines that because we listed Americans for Prosperity as a “Winner” in our legislative round-up, that they must be funding Rocky Top Politics. Of course, using their lame-brain analysis, anyone appearing on the “Winners” list could equally be accused of being behind Rocky Top Politics. For example, the Democrat majority leader Craig Fitzhugh was also on that list.

Sorry to burst your bubble, MetroPulse, but Rocky Top Politics does not receive any funding of any kind from AFP, the Koch brothers or anyone affiliated with their organizations. Not one cent, directly or indirectly. Admittedly, the hot chick in our group is kind of addicted to Diet Coke, but that’s about as close as we get.  To make it more clear for you, none of the principles in Rocky Top Politics have even met the local AFP dude, Andrew Ogles.

Call Fitzhugh. He’s been skulking around more than usual lately. RTP promises to send you a copy of the next check he uses to pay us. We’ll put it right up there with our checks from AFP and the Easter Bunny.bunny

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