An UPDATE to the RTP article about the Tennessean’s Frank Daniels III’s column on judicial retention elections (“Schizophrenic Frank,” 5-6-2014).

In that article, Frank The Third tried to dazzle us with his expansive knowledge of all things political and offered up this little gem:

“Under the current rules, Haslam would appoint new justices to replace those not retained. In addition, he has already appointed Holly Kirby to replace Janice Holder and is considering whom to pick when William Koch retires at the end of August.”

Uh, Frank, we don’t know how to break this to you, but Haslam did name a successor to Justice Koch over a month ago. His name is Jeff Bivins. You can read all about the appointment in the Tennessean:


Jeff Bivins named to Tennessee Supreme Court
Chas Sisk, csisk@tennessean.com

April 3, 2014

We know the Gannett bean counters up in corporate have been cracking down, Frank, but did you fire all the fact checkers at the paper? No wonder the circulation numbers are down. Apparently you don’t read the Tennessean either.


PS: Frank, tpersonell the guys down in political they need to get cracking on that story about a high official allegedly involved in some serious misconduct (RTP: “Spiked Story?” 5/6/2014).

Time’s running out.

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