Did Sargent get a vote on this?

Headline in the Tennessean today:

Sargent rotatedThe first sign of the coming apocalypse for Rep. Charles Sargent might be having Bill Haslam campaign for you.  The second sign is when the Tennessean, in an obvious effort to prop you up, decided a Republican governor campaigning for a Republiican legislator is worth of a news story.

Sargent was AWOL when a key gun rights vote came up last month. His official excuse is that he was meeting “in the Speaker’s office.”  “Meeting in the Speaker’s office” — the new euphemism for the “Commode Caucus” (See RTP — March 22, 2014).

Disagree?  Oh, we have seen this before — and recently: Maggart rotated

And the results from those previous Haslam efforts should scare the crap out of the Sargent re-election campaign:


Haslam Pals full










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