How about a nice Whine with that Lame Duck, Governor?

duckGov. Bill Haslam is getting a headstart on becoming the longest-serving lame duck governor in Tennessee history.  It did not take long for his political betters to circle in for the kill.

And in a direclty related event, Ron Ramsey reveals he is getting really good at slapping around the governor from one end of the LP to the other.

The latest is Gov. Haslam’s petulant complaint that Ramsey’s advocacy for the non-retention of Democrat Supreme Court justices (as allowed by law) will somehow inject partisanship in the judiciary?

C’mon, he’s kidding — right?

The first clue for Bill should have been the very fact that justices can be easily identified as Democrats demonstrates rather obviously that partisanship already exists in such positions.

Ramsey bitch-slapped Haslam’s assertion down by inconveniently pointing out that hundreds of lower court judiciary positions were decided by a partisan election earlier this week.  Maybe Bill didn’t notice the election because he was too busy getting ready for his love-fest with Obama’s Edcuation Secretary Arne Duncan next week.  Maybe he was on a bike ride.  Maybe he was eating pie.

Haslam went on to complain that Ramsey’s effort to vote out Democratic justices in August might have a negative effect on November‘s constitutional amendment (backed by Haslam), which some say would take the election of justices completely out of the direct hands of the voters.  RTP is still trying to figure out what the hell Haslam is talking about on that one.

RTP will let you know when it is time to stick a fork in it.

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