Spiked Story?

A prominent East Tennessee politician may be in deep trouble over ethics violations – the kind of trouble that could easily end their career.person

But RTP has learned that a main stream news organization has been given the details of the case, but so far has refused to pursue the story. Our sources tell us the information delivered to the news outlet is very specific: providing names, addresses, dates.  The individual in question is high in the pecking order of state politics and the news organization may be getting cold feet or even may be trying to protect the person (after all, bias comes as much from what the press won‘t report as what it does report).  Of course, there is your first hint:  The political figure is likely not a strong conservative.  If that were the case, the news media would have already covered the allegations in a 5-page expose and bought the rope for the lynching at Home Depot.

The alleged violations are not of a personal or moral nature – no charges of infidelity, drug use, etc. They relate to unreported gifts and other arrangements that are probably illegal and, at the least, extremely embarrassing should they be brought to light. The individual’s current political position would make their continuing in that role untenable if the charges prove true.

Of course, if RTP has this information, then it stands to reason others have it as well. If the reporter and news organization in question continue to supress the story, this information will be passed along to another news outlet. And if that happens, then RTP will reveal the name of the reporter and the organization that spiked the story.reporter2

Time to do your job, “ladies” and “gentlemen” of the press. Or someone will do it for you.

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