“To be — or not to be — Governor.”

That is the question….

Gov. Bill Hamlet has done it again.  RTP would like to get back to bashing Chuck Cagle’s monumental conflicts of interest, but the Guv keeps pitching it slow and over the middle, so we keep swinging.

This time it was the death penalty.  When appearing before a religious group this week,  Haslam demurred on whether or not he would ever allow anyone to be executed while he is governor.  To make it worse, he delivered this Hamlet soliloquy in public (Remember Bill, there are “inside” words and “outside” words.  Learn the difference).  hamletHe even suggested putting together a panel of mental health experts for each case to help him make a decision.  First task:  finding any “mental health experts” who are in favor of the death penalty.

Whether it is setting up a state ObamaCare state health exchange (Gov. Hamlet was still musing about whether he had made the right decision, even while the federal website was imploding ), or whether or not to expand the expensive Medicare program (dithering even after the state legislature took away his ability to make that decision on his own), the governor continues to amaze with his Shakespearean inability to take a firm stand on important issues.

It shouldn’t be that hard.  During the last campaign, the governor said he was in favor of the death penalty.  Of course, in one of his numerous touchy-feely campaign ads Haslam  also informed the voters that among his many attributes was the fact he “liked chocolate pie.”

You still like pie, governor? Or are you undecided about that now too?pie2




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