Bill Gates owns the Jackson Sun? Who knew?

Well, well, well.  RTP uncovers another one, thanks again to our intrepid and growing band of merry tipsters.

When the Jackson Sun issued it’s opinion that Gov. Haslam should veto the compromise delay of the controverial PARCC test, passed by the state legislature, we thought it was just a typical, disconnected elitist, knee-jerk, run-of-the-mill left wing editorial.  Here is an excerpt from their snippy pontifications(with helpful editorial comment from RTP):


The actions of the General Assembly on this issue have nothing to do with education. [Really?  We thought Common Core was all about “education.”  Apparently legislators were mistaken].  They are completely politically motivated. [Translation: They are “political” because you disagree with the elected representives of the General Assembly.  By the way, who exactly elected the Jackson Sun?] The vast majority of lawmakers know little about Common Core or PARCC testing. [That was true until recently.  But  legislators learned fast about the shortcomings of Common Core, which is why 81 of 99 of them voted to delay PARCC in the House] That they should pass legislation to sidetrack three years of effort and expense  is inexcusable and grossly irresponsible. [Yeah, the ingrates.   Bill Frist dished out a lot of money to cram it down taxpayers throats]

We urge Haslam to veto this legislation and to do it in a manner that would leave the General Assembly no opportunity to override his actions. [God forbid we allow the unwashed rabble in the legislature to excercise their state constitutional right to tell the governor to “shove it.”] Too much time, effort and money have gone into Common Core. [Yeah, like Chuck Cagle’s lobbying fees from Pearson] to let a cadre of uninformed politicians [Unlike the haughty, better-educated, superior, smarter, better-smelling “cadre” of arrogant pricks at the Jackson Sun] interfere with its completion.

As it turns  out there is more to the story than just the editorial.

It seems that until very recently, the education reporter of the Jackson Sun was one Tajuana Chesier, who had worked at the newspaper until just a few weeks ago.  Ms. Chesier Tweeted on December 27 of last year that that was her last day at the Jackson Sun.  But archives show she was still getting bylines at the Jackson Sun as late as January 17th of this year, nearly one month later and weeks after she started her new job.

Ms. Chesier had been an employee of the Jackson Sun for nearly 14 years.  So where does she work now?  She now writes for an education rag called “ChalkBeat TN” in Memphis (the Sun just kinda, sorta, forgot about letting its readers in on that little conflict of interest).  Chalkbeat was created and funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates foundation, expressly to keep a steady stream of Common Core propaganda churning out.  S.C.O.R.E., for example, just luvs Chalkbeat and quotes ftom it all the time.

It raises a rather obvious question: was the Jackson Sun editorial actually written by Jackson Sun editors, or did they just let Tajuana ghostwrite it?  Maybe she just did an outline, or maybe phoned in her prejudices on the subject matter.  Who knows?  Maybe Tajuana was channeling Kevin “IVFO*”Huffman.  Regardless, the juxtaposition is unseemly, at best.

So the lesson here, class, is that billionaire Bill Frist is funding S.C.O.R.E. and super-billionaire Bill Gates is funding ChalkBeat TN.  Jamie Woodson and David Mansour run S.C.O.R.E.   And what is the grand sum total between all of them having their own children attend public schoo[?

Answer:  Zero.  (Okay, so Bill Gates and Woodson don’t have children, but you get the point:  “Do as we say, peasants.  Not as we do.”).

The other lesson is never line your birdcage with the Jackson Sun.  You may find it makes the birds too stupid to “think critically” and objectively.


*I Voted For Obama

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