President Blackburn?

marshaYou have all probably read about the boomlet (or is it boomlette?) about Cong. Marsha Blackburn’s name being bandied about for president.  Don’t get us wrong:  The crew at RTP just LOVES Marsha, but her running for president is not serious.

But even less serious is the mention of Bill “Mr. Rogers” Haslam as a credible presidential candidate.  “But”, you say, “Bill has a bunch of personal wealth he could spend on a race.  Wouldn’t that make him credible?”  All that money really worked for “President” Romney, didn’t it?haslam

Also the governor is not exactly known for his — ahem — decisiveness.  But ya gotta give Mr. Rogers credit:  He kept the UAW out of Chattanooga, and for that RTP says “Thank you.”


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