Does Ingram Have To Pay To Get In?





“Even a blind, socialist hog can find an acorn every now and then.”

That was the case for our “friends” (and we use that term maliciously) over at the Nashville Scene. The Governor’s office tried to shake down the MSM state press corps to pay a $775 registration fee to the hosting organization if they wanted to cover the governor’s speech. To rub salt in the wound, the speech will be delivered at the War Memorial Auditorium – a state property.

As expected, the media mavens worked themselves into a full-blown snit and who can blame them? After all, the governor’s “hide from the press/avoid tough questions” policy is undoubtedly the handiwork of Tom Ingram. Maybe the press corps should think about that the next time Ingram offers to buy them a steak and a drink at Jimmy Kelly’s.Ingram's table

We so look forward to the news media’s comparable outrage the next time taxpayers are dinged for some tax they think is unfair, just like the press got dinged for a registration fee they think is unfair.

Yeah, right.

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