Weston as Nixon? Or is Chuck asleep at the wheel?

nixon editedwamp

First there was the creepy taping of his former primary opponent.  Then there’s the mentality of “everyone is out to get me” so let’s attack everyone not in my camp (an “enemies list,” if you will).  There is the  ability to race prodigious sums of money.  The comeback from a a previous electoral defeat.  And then the whole five o’clock shadow with menancing glare thing is readily apparent.

But leaving aside the juvenile comparisons to Tricky Dick, one is left to wonder if Weston Wamp is that good, or is Chuck Fleischmann that bad?  Or is it a combination of the two?

Weston’s impressive haul of over $400,000 in the first quarter raises an important question:  Why does Fleischmann only have $650,000 in the bank?  He’s a two-term incumbent, for goodness sake.  At least two other Congressmen from Tennessee who got elected the same year as Chuck are rolling in the dough.  But not Chuck.

Another challenger to an incumbent this year, Jim Tracy has collected over $1,000,000 against Cong. Des Jarlais.  But to our knowledge, Fleischmann has not traded drugs for sex with his patients or encouraged a girlfriend to get an abortion (if he had, Robin Smith probably would have mentioned that).

Is Chip distracted with his other clients?  Can Chuck write a big check?  Can Weston invent a biography that makes it look like he has had a real job the last three years?

This is getting good……..




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