Really, Bill? That’s the best dodge you can come up with?

Gov. Bill Haslam infuriated teachers, legislators, state employees and half the free world by announcing pay raises for teachers, then reneging on the promise weeks later.  Not enough money, he said.haslam

So to try and shift blame away from his own incompetence, Haslam now blames his broken promise on a proposal to eliminate the Hall Income Tax.  He says he wants to keep the tax so that if revenue comes back, maybe then he can find the money for pay increases.  Really?

Here’s a tip, Guv.  How about all that money you wasted on promoting Common Core?  Was any money set aside for PARCC tests in your budget?  What about the “reserve fund” that Huffman is rumored to have.  Some say it approaches $42 million.  What about DOE’s new RFP for a PR team?  That’s a few hundred thousand right there.  And hey, you just saved $100,000 for not having to print up new gun permits.

But by eliminating tax relief for Tennessee seniors you MIGHT, maybe, someday, perhaps find enough money to give the teachers a lousy 1-2% pay raise

Get serious.


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