So Who’s the Liar? Who’s the Coward?

sargent Freshman Micah Van Huss took the leadership all the way to the wall on the abuse of fiscal notes.  In the end, Micah couldn’t withstand the combined might of the governor and leadership (after all, this is only his first term in office).  But he is to be congratulated for going as far as he did to expose the corrupt fiscal note rules and the corrupt politicians who use them to kill bills they cannot defeat on the merits.

But despite the death of the open carry law, there still remains the question of the actions and words of House Finance Committee chairman Charles Sargent.  Sargent himself ratcheted up the fight in the media a few days ago, calling the Tennessee Firearms Association “liars” for saying he opposed the bill and defended his position by boldly and publicly declaring:  “I’m voting to move that bill out.”

I’m voting to move that bill out. — Charles Sargent (4-9-2014)

So, What Happened, Chuck?  After puffing up all Chuck Norris-like and calling people  “liars” and saying he was going to vote for the bill, SARGENT DIDN’T EVEN SHOW UP TO VOTE!

That’s right.  Sargent was the ONLY member of the subcommittee not to record their vote.  He was not  even listed as “present.”  Maybe he went to the potty (See RTP post: “Commode Caucus“).  toiletMaybe he went out for a smoke.  Maybe he just hid under his desk.  Whatever he did, he didn’t show up to do his job.  He didn’t even take a recorded stand.  RTP has heard nothing about any “family emergency” or “previously scheduled appointment” or anything of the like.  Absent such excuses, we leave to others to draw their own conclusions.

Not showing up to vote is not very brave, Mr. Chairman.  Better hope YOUR supporters don’t follow your example and instead, you know, actually show up to vote in August.

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