So who’s the Liar?

First, House Finance Chairman Charles Sargent said the Tennessee Firearms Association was lying:

Rep. Charles Sargent … called Tennessee Firearms Association executive director John Harris a “liar” for trying to paint him as opposed to gun legislation.

Then Rep. Steve McDaniel confirmed exactly what the TFA was asserting:  That the open carry gun bill will “never get out of Finance.”

McDaniel said he doubted that the bill would ever reach the floor for a House vote as the legislature steams toward a conclusion early next week. “It’ll never get out of House Finance,” predicted McDaniel.

Well, well, well.  On one hand you have the embattled Chairman (Sargent) facing a tough primary and on the other you have the last Republican left in the legislature who voted for the income tax (McDaniel).liar

McDaniel went on to claim “every gangbanger in Memphis” would carry a gun if the bill passed.  Aside from the absurdity of that statement, Steve may want to check in next time with the Political Correctness Police before issuing another opinion —  especially coming from a Confederate Civil War re-enactor such as himself (we joke, of course.  RTP loves the South).fergit hell


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