Somebody Buy That Boy A Calendar

gill 4What is Steve Gill up to?

Gill is one of RTP’s favorite rabble-rousers.  Never one to shy away from an issue that may rub the establishment types the wrong way, Gill is always quotable.

An alert contributor to RTP in Tipton County (where Gill spoke this past weekend) has noticed Gill seems to be unusually ubiquitous these days.  He has been headlining so many GOP Lincoln Day dinners from one end to the state to the other that it has led to the inevitable speculation as to just which office Gill is gearing up for.  gill 3Interesting theory, but with one serious flaw:  The filing deadline for running for anything in 2014 was last Thursday.  If that was Gill’s intent, he is a day late and a qualifying petition short.

gill 7


But the question bears repeating:

What is Steve Gill up to?

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