Not since the dreaded Stasi secret police of East Germany has it been so easy and so much fun to drop a dime on your neighbors and colleagues.tip line

We are, of course talking about the Rocky Top Tip Line — where if you’ve got a hot tip or rumor, we got a platform to get it out to a wider audience. Anonymously, of course.

Here’s how it works. Below is an anonymous email we set up just for the Tip Line. We purposely did not link it to the Rocky Top Politics website (we take our security seriously). Just copy and paste the address into your email, deliver your message and that’s it.

Those of you who think you know the people behind RTP (and we assure you, you do not) take notice. Even if you are convinced you have identified one or more of our contributors, you should know that none of us take direct, verbal tips — ever.  That would make it too easy to make up a really good (but false) rumor, tell just one person, then wait to see if it shows up on RTP. We weren’t born yesterday, ya know.

tip line 3So just follow the directions below and tip your butt off.


Some important rules to follow:

1. RTP strongly suggests you open up a fake/anonymous email account of your own. We are not interested in knowing who you are or your personal email address. Likewise, we are not interested in carrying on a running conversation with you, getting to know you personally, meeting your mother or moving in together and getting a cat. If for some reason we need to follow up with a question, RTP will use our own, rotating anonymous email account to contact you at the email address you provide. We will note in the subject line the email is from RTP.

2. Give us as much documentation and background as possible and whether the info is time-sensitive. We will make every attempt to confirm the accuracy of your tip. We will clearly note if it remains just a rumor. We are not very interested in private lives, such as some public or private individual drinkin’, cussin’ or whorin’ around, so please keep to the subject.  If you think a crime has been committed, contact the authorities. We don’t offer legal counsel, and we ain’t interested in getting sued.

3. If we like your tip — and there is no guarantee that we will — we will try to work it in. If we do not post your rumor, or if you do not like they way we write it up, we suggest you go get your own website and knock yourself out.

4. RTP also does NOT Facebook,Twitter, InstaMessage,Vine or floss regularly. That would explain the pitiful social lives of our contributors (except for the one hot babe).

Now go out there and rake some muck!tip line 2

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