“Calling Dr. Proton, calling Dr. Proton…”

Media reports are starting to scrape back the veil on the Knoxville-based Proton Therapy Group’s legislative end-run involving the governor’s long-time friend, Dr. Terry Douglas, and his attempt to have the state effectively mandate cancer patients use his facility and bail out his personal $45 million investment.  Dr. EvilThe governor and the good doctor are extremely tight as the governor noted when he spoke at the dedication of the Proton facility.  When the media got on to the story, the governor withdrew his official support for the sweetheart legislation.

Making the situation seem even sleazier, “Dr. Proton” is now using Tom Ingram as their lobbyist.  It was revealed Ingram’s team talked privately about tying to slip in the legislation “under the radar” (their quote, not ours).  The governor has claimed repeatedly he does not discuss Ingram’s clients with Ingram.  Such a claim is laughable in this situation.

Speaking of the Devil, where is Tom Ingram, the governor’s personal previously paid-under-the-table lobbyist and all around political Svengali during the meltdown on this and other policies pushed by the governor? Ingram's table


Maybe Tom needs to spend a little less time at Jimmy Kelly’s.

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