Who wants to be Tennessee’s Common Core version of Kathleen Sebelius?


See if you can identify the following government boondoggle:

  • The government creates a new, Obama-backed government program.
  • The program requires the user to use a website that freezes, or did not allow users to log in and/or lost previous entries by the user.
  • The government did not provide enough servers to handle the load.
  • When the system crashed, the government advised people to forget about the website and send in their work on paper.
  • The government’s program was expensive and cost millions in tax dollars.

If you guessed “Obamacare,” you would be wrong.

But if you guessed “Tennessee Common Core testing” you would be a winner!


Sources have provided RTP with a fascinating series of emails that reveal the debacle.

Last month, while trying to conduct a statewide Common Core aligned writing assessment test for the state’s 5th, 8th and 11th graders by computer (using existing hardware), the system melted down: Not enough servers, programs didn’t work, had to use paper and pencil, yada, yada, yada. You know the drill.

Now Kevin Huffman, Bill Haslam, Bill Frist and SCORE are trying to force PARCC testing down the throats of taxpayers and the state’s teachers. PARCC tests will require an even GREATER use of computers and servers (which many local school districts do not have and will have to purchase on the front end) — all so Pearson can take a butt load of money out of our pockets.

The remarkable email exchange between the state, a local school district and its teachers is provided below.

Maybe Huffman should compare notes with Sebelius. Something tells me he will be hauled in to testify before some committee at some point soon.

TCAP email #1 copyTCAP email #2 copyTCAP email #3 copyTCAP email #4 copy


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