UPDATE: Common Core Testing meltdown:

One of the problems several schools faced with the Common Core testing debacle last month was that although many schools had invested in new iPads in anticipation of the new PARCC testing requirements, students were unable to use those iPads. It seems the test required downloading a special software program called “MIST” that used Microsoft Word as its platform. As anyone who owns an iPad knows, it is not possible to download software onto an iPad. Nor is it possible to use Microsoft Word on an iPad.

The “good news?” Common Core PARCC test takers will be able to use iPads in the future.

The “bad news?” Using the touch screen on an iPad will not be allowed. Schools are being informed they must attach each iPad to a separate, hard-wired, non- Bluetooth, keyboard in order to comply. The cost of these keyboards is $100 – $150 for each iPad.ipad

Good thing for the Governor that he doesn’t have an opponent. Why, this is the sort of thing that could get you kicked out of office. Of course, there are a bunch of pro-Common Core legislators who DO have opposition.

Good luck with that…

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