Really, Tom? REALLY? Ingram’s New Hire Flips off the GOP

With the advent of the Republican Super Majority a couple of years ago, it only stood to reason that Republicans would find new opportunities in the lobbying community.monkey

Tom Ingram was perhaps the most egregious example, parlaying his association with Bill Haslam into an – ahem — unique and lucrative relationship with the governor. Although Tom is loathe to admit he is an actual, bottom-feeding, godless lobbyist like so many others, in fact that is precisely what he is (even if the governor tries to pretend otherwise).

Many Democratic lobbying firms around town were trying desperately to find anyone still breathing and possessing a minimal IQ to hire who also had the slightest connection to the GOP.

But not Tom. Oh no. When Tom looked to add to his stable of lobbyists, he went with a – Democrat (go figure).

It was recently revealed Ingram has hired Beecher Fraizer, former Cong. Lincoln Davis (D) staffer, to the Ingram Group. Now nothing against Beecher personally — by all accounts he is a good ol’ boy. But his ties to the Republicans in the legislature are all but non-existent.  In fact his old boss, Lincoln contributed hundreds of thousands of dollars the the Democratic state party to try to defeat many of the very people he is now trying to lobby (You can look it up yourself on

Maybe Tom is thinking about using him in his Washington lobbying firm. After all, Beecher was a House staffer.  Oh wait — THAT’S now Republican too.

john ford


Note to Tom: We hear John Ford is looking for work now that he’s out of prison. Maybe you should give him a call.

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