Part Three: The Chuck Cagle Common Core Cash Cow Conga Line

Businessman Throwing his Money AroundOkay Class, time for your exam review.

And remember, it’s not whether you get the right answer – it’s whether or not you employed Common Core “critical thinking” tools to come up with whatever half-assed attempt you made to answer the question. No wrong answers!  Everyone gets a trophy!

This will also help prepare you for the PARCC test.

To summarize our lesson so far:

Lobbyist Chuck Cagle has figured out not one, not two, not three, but FOUR different ways to make money off public education in Tennessee and to do so directly or indirectly with taxpayer dollars. He has achieved this “quadruple-dipping” through lobbying legerdemain by:

  • Lobbying for the School Superintendents in Nashville.
  • Using those relationships to sign up local school districts as legal clients for his law firm.
  • Serving on the board of S.C.O.R.E., who are the main promoters of Common Core.
  • Lobbying for Pearson and the Common Core agenda.
  • Receiving yet another revenue stream from his wife’s position as the Tennessee Common Core sales executive for Pearson.

That last one really strikes a nerve with some folks. The sad part is that what Chuck Cagle & Co. is doing is sleazy — but apparently legal.  And if the legislature goes along with this scam, they are no better than Cagle and his pal Kevin Huffman (you remember Kevin — the Obama supporter?).


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