Oh, and of course NOT cutting taxes is a Republican principle, right?

This weekend the mainstream media organ, Politico, published a big piece on what they call the GOP civil war in Tennessee. Politico is staffed primarily by liberal reporters who have lost their day jobs from the meltdown that is the MSM these days.

There is nothing quite as credible as a Democratic screed like Politico opining on divisions in the state GOP, so it should come as no surprise that they missed the 5,000 lb. elephants sitting in the corners of the room – the dominant conservative wing of the GOP caucus in each chamber as well as the complete lack of the Haslam administration to engage that wing in any meaningful way. As only someone whose head is stuck up their Beltway, Politico immediately defaults to declaring the spat is because of “Washington heavyweights” and “outsiders.”  It all revolves around the attempt to once and forever eliminate the hated Hall income tax.  Most of the legislature says Yes.  Governor Haslam says “no.”

Politico begins by, predictably, blaming the Koch brothers.tax 1  (As we all know the Koch bros. are responsible for everything bad in the world. We have it on good authority that among their many misdeeds, the Koch bros. were the ones who hired Lane Kiffen, created the Obamacare website and they were also responsible for Justin Beiber – the bastards).

For good measure they also blame Grover Norquist. True, Grover can sometimes be a complete ass, but the rebellion in the GOP ranks was hardly his doing. The real villains here are the voters. After all, they were the ones who overwhelming elected all those nasty old conservatives. How dare they?

Politico even wheeled out GOP re-tread Ed Rollins for a pithy comment about how divisions in the Republican party would “look bad in an election year.” Ed added these anti-tax efforts are “confusing the message.”

Well here’s a message for ya, Ed: “Real conservatives DON’T LIKE TAXES!”

They think citizens are taxed enough as it is and RINOs – be they governors or state senators – who are so reluctant to cut taxes, show few such reservations when it comes to spending millions of tax dollars on projects like, say, Common Core.

But it is Tennessee homeboy Andy Ogles who is spearheading this effort and that inconvenient truth just doesn’t fit the narrative – with or without the Koch bros. involvement.

You can read the whole thing here:


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