“Oh, the wheels on the bus go round-and-round….”




Pity poor Rep. Ryan Haynes.  After fronting for the governor’s buddy on the Proton Therapy center by introducing legislation to require the state to pay for the more expensive cancer treatment, Haynes found himself in the hot seat in a Channel 5 (Nashville) interview.  When asked a seemingly innocent question about investors in the project, Haynes blew his top, ripping off his microphone and declaring “this interview is over” and stomping off camera.

So how did playing the good soldier for the governor’s crony work out for Rep.Haynes?  On the same day the interview aired the governor publicly withdrew his support for the legislation, which would explain the tire tracks Haynes has been sporting around the LP.

The Proton Therapy Center will now have to rely on the skills of their lobbyist, Tom Ingram to pull their rears out of the fire.  After witnessing how quickly the governor threw the Rep. under the bus, Tom might want to look both ways before crossing the street.

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